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. >> and i'm eric thomas. >> a u.s. military jet has crashed. they say the plane was not shot down. both crew members on board managed to eject before the plane crash. one crew member has recovered safely and the operation to get the other crew member is underway now. terry mcsweeney is gathering details and have an update coming up. >>> manpower the roads are wet. we'll get to the latest on our storm with mike. >> we are saying there is a window for clearing that road? >> that is about right now until 2:00 or 4:00. we do have scattered showers mainly over the east bay valleys down to the southern section of the santa clara valley. heaviest rain moving into the eastern section of alameda county, altamont pass, livermore you may run into a shower there. also south of san jose, right along 101, gilroy, that is where we're seeing a little light rain. one more shower in the northern parts of napa county. this is going to bring us heavier rain with a cold front. first, let's go over to megan to find out your morning commute. >> we do have a wind advisory on the bay bridge. here is a live look at t
exactly that works. that country only produces about 3% of u.s. crude, but it does produce a grade of oil easily refined around the world in many places. when it's not available, the demand of that goings up, increasing the price of that. that is why we're paying more. more bad news? the price of oil is going back up this morning. now, i have some good news. i don't want to make it all bad. the good news is that the price in san francisco now is $3.94. that's the average. it was worse back in june of '08. we were paying $4.62. that has to pass as good news this morning. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> that's the best you got, terry? >> that's all i got. (laughter) >> thanks, buddy. bundle up. quan is proposing two new taxes to help the $46 million budget gap. the first is an $80 parcel tax over a five-year period. it needs approval and a $1.99 phone tax that requires only a simple majority. but the voters rejected a similar idea in 2008. governor jerry brown will hold a special election in june on tax issues. plans to put it to that initiative before it goes through. >> a garbage rate hik
be closed for hours. take a look in the oakland hills. u.s. geological survey saying the ground is 90% saturated that might explain the runoff here. hillsides and trees could be giving way. some trails are closed down to prevent hikers getting stuck. >> we're like a sponge and we're having trees fall on the trails. we have our crews out making sure we're keeping what trails we can open. >> reporter: four slides reported in the oakland hills last weekend. this one is in december to give you an idea how long it takes to undue the damage down from the landslides. clean out your storm drains at home and culverts to help prevent back-up and keep water moving where it should go. coming back here in san leandro, the problem is not going where it should go. they have a clogged drain. two southbound lanes are closed maybe for hours. they are going to try to figure what is in the drain and how you tough it is to open up again and then we'll know how long it will be closed this morning. live in san leandro, terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news". >> kristen: we'll be checking back with you. you were talk
injured. fire crews are using seawater to try to cool three reactors there. the u.s. has confirmed that the aircraft carrier ronald reagan and helicopters flying eight missions in japan have been exposed to radiation but no military personnel are recorded sick. we'll get the latest from japan. >> an exposure ripped through another reactor, something officials warned could happen following the first explosion on saturday. the container reportedly wasn't damaged. the radiation leaked but the levels were low. still there's reason for concern. >> we are at a reactor tipping point. either the next 24 to 48 hours they'll get control or you'll get meltdown on more than one reactor, an unprecedented situation. >> hundreds of thousands have been told to evacuate. the message for survivors of the disaster was clear sos. but the mission to deliver help has been difficult. how many numbers of people are stranded and homeless sleeping in makeshift shelterers. there was a shortage of water, food and power. lines stretched for ten city blocks. one mother said i didn't know what to feed my baby. i
for help after dangerously overheated energy plant and fire trucks including one from the u.s. have been able to reach the cooling pool and building 3 this morning. panic is spreading around the plant and reported 10,000 people are fleeing even outside the evacuation zone. more than 16,000 people have been confirmed dead or missing since the quake struck a week ago. now the latest from japan. >> reporter: it's an all out battle to save the fukushima daiichi plant. they went in with high pressure water cannons to spray water to avert a potential meltdown. cruises went in with helicopters dropping 30 tons of sea water. that did little to cool it down at the site site and they said they would not resume aerial operations for now. 300 men are working around the clock to save the plant all opting to remain nameless. a wife sharing her husband e-mail. please live well, i won't be home for a while. >> friday morning a bus now on the way from sendai to tokyo for those worried about the uncertainty ahead. all of the focus is the nuclear reactor has overshadowed the humanitarian crisis that contin
for the libyan no-fly zone. find out what it means for the u.s. coming up. >> plus, the crackdown one state lawmaker is proposing on the sale of regrets is on minors. >> if you missed out on getting a slot in the bay to breakers race, organizers havevevevevevee >>> waking up to a chilly morning. marin county a bit of a break but we have a pretty good cell, a line of storms in the east bay from berkeley right over the bay bridge in to concord and all the way up to rio vista. colder air down in mount hamilton. go to our website at www.abc7.com >> janelle: this morning, authorities in japan suspect a dangerous breach of the number three at the radioactive contamination is worse than previously thought. work to bring the damaged plant is back under control has been suspended after two workers got radiation burns after wading in cooling water. they were 10,000 times above normal indicating possible damage inside the reactor itself. the evacuation around the plant has expanded from 12 miles to 18 miles. the death toll for the march 11th quake and tsunami has topped 10,000 with more than 17,000 li
miles from nuclear power plant on the brink of melting down. >> u.s. says it's taking a step back from leading the charge in libya. who will take over next? and are these airstrikes really stop moammar gadhafi's forces? >> eric: also head the bay area policing proves how dangerous crossing street can be. >> kristen: and about to become bay area's's's's's's's's's's's'q all the traffic on your carpet really adds up, leaving behind ground-in dirt and odors that vacuuming alone can't tackle. but with resolve high traffic foam, you can really see the difference. it removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone. it also neutralizes odors at their source, so your carpets are clean and fresh every step of the way. nothing revives carpets like resolve high traffic foam. don't just vacuum clean, resolve clean. >>> welcome back. travel forecast, you can see the snow stretching from minneapolis all with the to new york, but the only way affected, line of strong storms moving through chicago, flight arrival delays and we are expecting delays developing here happening here. flight tracker will
. >> people stopped to watch. >> yep. coming up, terror attacks. a gunman shoulding in arabic shouted at u.s. troops in an airport in germany. >> the clock is ticking for the national football league. next the mid light deadline that could mean no football next season. >> the threat that charlie sheen's he is strained wife said he made against her that forced police to showowowowowowowowowo" >> welcome back. here's a look at our high temperatures across the country. wow! looks like spring is moving into the midwest, st. louis 62. mid-40s for seattle and portland and the cold is back in boston, 20 today, 31 new york. heading to phoenix, 80. everything is quiet. really no worries. we do have a little shower activity here and snow around minneapolis and chicago. if delays develop we'll have 'em, abc7news.com. >> 4:48 now. the bodies of two children were found stuffed into luggage in a south florida canal in the exclusive oceanside community of delray beach. divers are back in the water today searching for clues. a little girl was found in a duffel bag. a boy of unknown age was locked in a suitc
sze. >> i'm eric thomas. >> deteriorating and apocalypse those are terrifying words by u.s. and european officials to describe the nuclear crisis in japan. military helicopters have been dumping loads of sea water to try to cool the fuel to prevent a nuclear meltdown. they predict low level radiation will lead to detectable in los angeles by tomorrow. they are sending chartered planes to japan for officials who want to leave. they are advising people to stay away 50 miles from the crippled power plant. now more on the nuclear crisis and the continuing search for survivors. >> rescuers in japan to search through debris pull bodies from the rubble makeshift morgues have been set up but with more than 4300 ten more than 10,000 still ambiguous. relief workers are overwhelmed. they waited patiently for food waters and gases with information difficult to come by frustration is growing. this woman says she is concerned radiation can't be seen. how do we know if it's in the air. maybe our food may be contaminated. this may be the world's worst nuclear disasters. >> units two and th
, continental and u.s. airways all increased fares by between 10 and $20 per trip, depending on that trip. and that is just this week. keep in mind southwest, jet blue and air tran did not increase prices. also keep in mind that airlines sometimes boost prices one day, drop 'em the next. last week fares jumped $20 only to be reduced to $10 a couple days later. airlines are getting pretty darn close to the point where leisure travelers are going to be staying at home. but so far u.s. airways says february travel was strong and offset increased costs. they're talking about fuel prices, the second highest price ever for the month of march. the question that travelers have: what can we do to try to avoid these spikes and when do we exactly book our next trip? we'll have that answer for you, at least some suggestions coming up in half an hour. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> all right, terry. thank you very much. it's 4:32 now. the latest protest at u.c. berkeley ended after university administrators agreed to meet with students to discuss their concerns. lillian kim was there and has our sto
more people. >> the number that have died here exceeds 10,000 and hundreds of thousands are homeless. u.s. nuclear experts hope to solve the problem before it gets worse. >> scientists say the current levels of radiation don't pose a threat to people here in the u.s. but still, health stores and drugstores have seen a run on potassium iodide pills and kelp. it can help block the thyroid gland from absorbing radiation. experts say there is not necessary here. >> there is no need for those pills in california. >> japan's government is distributing potassium iodide to its citizens and walgreen's supplies are sending their full supply of pills there, as well. >> both houses of state legislature are scheduled to vote on governor brown's budget plan. there five republican senators have been meeting with brown but refused to endorse the tax vote. meantime, a new poll shows most registered voters support the tax extension. 58% say they would put brown's plan on the ballot. 68% say they want a special election to decide it. >> the u.c. board of regents meets to review cost cutting proposals. the b
the flight tracker. >> eric: today the u.s. officially hands control of air operations over libya to nato. publicly the u.s. is gladly taking a step back but privately sources say president obama has agreed to deploy a special group of c.i.a. officers to meet with rebels. janelle wang has more. >> reporter: sources tell abc news that president obama has signed a secret order known as presidential signing to authorize covert operations in libya. that means sending a group on the ground to overthrow the moammar gadhafi. there are reports the white house is still debating the consequences because little is known about these fighters, some allegedly with ties to militant groups like al-qaeda and hezbollah. >> if you ask who are those guys you are going to think about whether you want to arm them. our history of arming groups we don't know hasn't been a terribly good one. >> we don't know as much as we would like to know and as much as we expect we will know. >> today, congressional hearings will discuss involvement in libya. nato kicked off operations in libya including enforcing a no-fly zon
offer from the u.s. anti-doping agency. he described the side effects of steroids when combined. smaller testicles bad acne male breast growth. increased aggressiveness and enlargement of the extremities. last week was no cakewalk for bonds. >> i wish i could say more about the case. we try not to comment on what takes place inside a court. >> reporter: getting back to the testimony of kimberly bell. bonds' legal team is on record saying the only accurate measurement can be taken with an instrument. and some reporters rolled their eyes and others giggled. no laughing matter to bonds. mr. ruby may have a female member of the legal team do the questioning. whoever asks the questioning the jury is expected to be very attentive. >> kristen: it's 4:33. members of the state puc is going to decide whether to approve an agreement to pay $3 million in fines. they agreed to pay the fines for missing records. they demanded the records after the san bruno pipeline explosion last december. they wanted to verify the safety of pressure levels. pg&e only came up with records on 455 miles of pipelines. t
to discuss possibly u.s. intervention in libya. later moammer gadhafi says libyans will fight. that will show their real intention to seize the country's oil. he made his remarks during an interview that ran today on turkey's state-run television. the city closest to the capital, pro-regimen forces shelled the neighborhood with tank and artillery fire and appeared to regain control from rebel forces. >> a magnitude 7.43 earthquake in japan triggered a small tsunami. no reports of anything damage or injuries. this is from nhk television network. as you can see the shaking and the building swaying for about 30 seconds. this is in tokyo. the initial quake -- you see the shaking -- was followed by an aftershock. the specific tsunami warning center did not expect any other areas to be affected. >> along the atlanta coast communities from delaware up for massachusetts are bracing for more rain and more flooding today. the hardest hit may be new jersey where there's a state of new jersey. emily schmidt has the latest. >> it is a double hit. winter rains after winter snow forcing people out as the wa
coming up. >> and voting procedure goes before a u.s. appeals court. hearing to determine whether the procedure is constitutional is expected to be expedited because of upcoming elections for a new city mayor. it could be the first test of the voting in a competitive contest. under it, voters lift the first, second and third choices. if no candidate gets a majority on the first time around, it's redistributed. >>> volunteers spent last saturday to improve a east oakland school yard. what student saw when they came to school was heartbreaking. cecilia vega reports. >> volunteers spent saturday morning painting this east oakland school yard, a place where plenty of pride to go around but not much money for anything else. what they took is worth tens of thousands of dollars and so much more. there was a bank of knew computers ripped right off the desk my the principal's office, a safe was gone. a phone system all stolen. >> some things were taken but they were breaking stuff for fun. >> 30 rooms vandalized. windows smashed, practically the whole building ransacked. many believe it wa
. >> reasonable, any sensible man would use such a weapon against even his own enemies. >> the u.s. ambassador to the united nations says qaddafi is disconnected from reality. >> delusional. >> they had frozen $30 billion in libyan assets. the united nations says it's too dangerous for international aid agencies to assess the need in libya. the next best option is delivering medicine and food to neighboring tunisia and help refugees who have crossed the border. nomar says he's been betrayed by the united states because he says president obama is misinformed. >> astronauts from the space shuttle "discovery" are ready to leave the international space station in less than three hours from now. they'll install a 20 foot long chamber filled with supplies. it's gone 7 times as a temporary cargo taker but this time it's staying. the astronauts are unpacking a human noid robot and will be tested as a potential astronaut helper. "discovery" will now last an extra day and end next tuesday. >> like having the weather man cover it, that wouldn't be bad. >> it's a good thing to face. >> you'll take it. >>
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